Nadia S. Akaweih, Esq.(Featured in Modern Luxury Housten Magazine)

Nadia S. Akaweih, Esq., the esteemed founder and principal attorney at Akaweih Law, was naturally drawn to the captivating realm of intellectual property law, driven by its intrinsic connection to creativity and innovation. “What truly captivates me about intellectual property law is its remarkable intersection with diverse fields such as technology, science, and the arts. It is an ever-evolving legal field that demands a profound comprehension of both legal and technical intricacies – it’s a vital catalyst for fostering innovation and propelling economic growth.”

Known for her unwavering dedication and pursuit of noble causes, including gender equality, innovation, and education, Nadia has meticulously built Akaweih Law upon the pillars of integrity, diversity, inclusion, transparency, and accessibility. As a woman owned and minority- owned law firm, Akaweih Law passionately supports clients hailing from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds, seeking to empower and uplift them.

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